Sunday, April 6, 2008

Updates: Online and off

Yesterday's mail brought a death certificate for Mary MICHAEL REDMAN. It confirmed some things and opened up questions for others.

First, she really DID die in 1934 -- at age 88! According to the certificate: She was born Oct. 11, 1846, in Vincennes, Ind., to John MICHAEL and an unknown mother. She was married to Joseph Thomas REDMAN. That cleared up the insanity about whether his name was Joseph or Thomas. (I still can't find them in the census, though, and it's starting to make me nuts!)

On a lark, I kept a link tying Mary and Joseph to another line of folks named KNEPPER. I wasn't sure if this was the RIGHT Mary and Joseph, but the birthdate, father's name, and death place of her father on this newly discovered Web site, together with a few other details seem to be more than circumstantial evidence. Cheryl, on whose site I found the Knepper link, has been kind enough to respond to me already. The direct link to my lineage is through her husband. So, I have already discovered yet another new cousin. How cool is that?!

Still got a lot more to unravel here, but I'm still looking.

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