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Joseph Vaughn, Pope County, IL

I recently got a copy of the will of JOSEPH VAUGHN of Pope County, IL. (Golconda area) He died Dec. 18, 1867 and was born c. 1800. His wife, KEZIAH DIARMAN, was named executrix. When she died the following year, WILLIAM W. DIARMAN (either her brother or nephew) took over adminstering Joseph's will. It reads in part:
"It is my will the remainder be divided equal between my three children, to wit, JAMES VAUGHN, MARGARET COLLIER, ASSENETH BRAMBLET, with the exception of $1 to each of grandchildren, heirs of my son GEORGE VAUGHN, and MARY HOGG, my daughter."
I'm familiar with Margaret. Before marrying Thomas Collier, she had been married to LEWIS HOGG. We find her and some of her children living with Joseph and wife Keziah in Pope County in 1860. (Lewis died in 1859.) I'm familiar with George as I believe I descended from him through his son, GEORGE COOPER VAUGHN. I'm familiar with Mary as we find her marrying THOMAS HOGG in the Illinois statewide marriage index, though she is listed as MARY VAUGHAN. (VAUGHNs and HOGGs intermarried all over this family line. The GEORGE COOPER VAUGHN listed above would grow up to marry HANNAH HOGG, a union that helped get me here.)
This daugher Asseneth is a new one, though I found her -- I think -- through two marriages:
ESSENETH SBARGER m. BENJAMIN B. BRAMLETT on Jan. 25, 1855. (Benjamin Bramlett family is living next door to the VAUGHNs in the 1860 census, though what would appear to be a wife is SUSAN BRAMLET, age 52, MUCH older than a daughter of Joseph should be! Perhaps she married a son with the same name? Don't find a listing for them in Pope though. This has got to be a good assumption.)
And I'm confused about James. Was son George already dead when this will was probated in early 1868? (Son George HAD a son named James. He would have been around 16 when Joseph died. Did Joseph claim James in his son's place?) Within the file Pope County sent me with the will, there are a variety of receipts for payments to GEORGE W. VAUGHN, listed as a guardian of JAMES VAUGHN. WHO is GEORGE W. VAUGHN? What was his relationship to JOSEPH VAUGHN?
And, I'm also trying to figure out where JOSEPH VAUGHN fits in with the JACKSON VAUGHN clan in Pope County -- or if he even does. Would love to hear from anyone who can answer any of these questions or, based on the info I've got here, thinks they may be a relative.

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Gary Burgess said...

Have you checked this genforum item from 2005? It appears to add to some of your information concerning Mary Vaughn.


Gary Burgess

Posted by: Mary Aguilar (ID *****4881) Date: May 15, 2005 at 01:01:57
of 5391

Hello Vaughn Forum:

I have been researching MARY ENSENETH VAUGHN who is the grandmother of my grandmother. I estimate that Mary was born between 1816-1829 and died between 1850-1929 in Illinois. I believe her father may have been GEORGE VAUGHN who married NANCY HAYS/HAYES.

Mary is also mentioned as "Mary E., Mary Cinoth, Cinoth, Senoth, Sinith, Cinthy, Asseneth, and Esseneth Mary" although according to my grandmother, "Mary Enceneth" was her true name.

Mary first married FREDERICK SHUFFLEBARGER (aka S.BARGER or SBARGER) (b.1826 d.1/4/1853) on 6/18/1842 in Golconda, Pope Co, IL. He is buried somewhere in Pope County. They had 4 children: Simon J. (4/7/1843-1901), Mary (1845-1884), Willis J. (1848-1/1892) and Happy Adeline (11/11/1849-8/10/1920) all born, I believe, in Pope Co, IL.

She next married BENJAMIN BROWN BRAMLETT (b.8/29/1821 d.1/20/1899) on 1/25/1855 also in Galconda. He is buried at Rock Creek in Hardin County. They had 5 children: Nancy (Abt. 1856-?), Joseph Henry (11/19/1859-12/26/1934), Nathan Napoleon who is my grandmother's father (10/1863-5/14/1934), Clarinda (Abt.1865-?) and Miranda (?-?), all of whom were born in or around Saline or Pope Counties.

Please help me verify the names of Mary's parents; where and when Mary was born; where and when she died; and where she is buried.

Thank you sincerely.

Mary Aguilar
Plymouth, Massachusetts